Natti Binodini 's name always bring two memories to my mind & my inner vision, first of my grand-mother in her veil ( Chadder), as first appointed woman in charge of First Women Orphanage at Lahore in 1901. And second of my getting down the train at the New Delhi Railway Station in 1968 at the age of 22 years, without knowing any body in the city, to survive as a free-lancer.

Natti Binodini was born in 1893 and she started stage performance at the age of 12. years.

I carried, within me, always, Natti Binodini to go on trying to achieve expression in my creative visual image.

I have dedicated, a series of my paintings, to Natti Binodini.

Gogi Saroj Pal


Gogi Saroj Pal has worked since 1990 on the metamorphosis of the body, parodying earlier (male) representations of the woman- as-nature, to be tamed and domesticated. Implicit with these implications, Gogi's present series focus no longer on a mythic archetype but with emphasis now on an individual woman. Inspired from the celebrated stage actress of the 19th century who wrote her own memoirs in a search for her own identity, her paintings, bold and seductive, in gouache are worked on hand-made paper with fluid transparency, where her body represents states of metamorphosis, moods of wonder, angst and vulnerability as she transforms from an actress into herself.

By Geeti Sen