DRAWING is Ved Nayar's habit. He starts his day by making a drawing. I have seen this habit of making drawings since 1974. Making drawing continues, through out the day, in between making painting, sculpture & other chores. You can find his drawings everywhere in his studio & home.
Sometimes, he chooses to make drawings to visualize his sculptures. He conceptualizes & realizes his sculptures, to begin with, which, he can hold & maneuver in his hands. He feels that his hands & sculpture's relationship helps him to pass on to his sculptures his human feelings. The enlarged sculptures are made, based on small sculptures, which ensure retention of human feelings in his enlarged sculptures.
In between he made drawings, 'Naika on Pedestal' & converted these in sculptures. 'Naika on Pedestal' drawings & sculptures are part of this book. The idea to provide pedestals to his sculptures came from our classical bronze traditional South Indian sculptures of our deities.
Major collection of Ved Nayar's works are with Glenbarra Art Museum, Himeji, Japan & Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.

Gogi Saroj Pal